We are Sarah & Catherine and collaboration is our jam.

Nurturing the Connection is really the evolution of a long time friendship.  We have been rolling together since we had to actually hand write our urgent messages on paper and slip them discreetly beneath desks and into pockets.  

Circa 1993....

It all began way back in high school for us, when we proudly donned these amazing leotards.  Although this was a great look, we have abandoned it for a more versatile, eclectic style.  We do still love a team though, and have created NtC as a way to grow and connect.


Catherine and her family live in the mountains of NC, in our hometown, where we still hang every time Sarah rolls through from Atlanta, GA with her crew.  We still pass notes, but in a way we could have never imagined 20 years ago; always hoping that we could work together in some capacity, despite the distance.


Enter COVID-19.  It seemed a little crazy and a lot bold to launch our work together as Covid swept across the planet, but we have never been known for shying away from a challenge or playing by anyone else's rules.

And here we are.

Let's Stay Connected. 

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