I have created a relationship and mindfulness coaching business that brings my experience in counseling but is focused on my work as a coach and yoga teacher. I coach people individually and as couples,  to become more aware of their body sensations, thoughts, feelings and auto-response behavior. I do this using the tools of mindfulness, education, metaphors, and examples. Once clients have more awareness, I work with them to deepen their understanding and give them practical tools to increase the deeper connections they are seeking. 

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My coaching sessions are an extension of the work I do in studio with my clients.  I focus on thought patterns and the associated emotions that are held within the body.  Through movement, mindful breath work, meditation, perturbation, and education I help my clients achieve a healthier physical and emotional structure. This, in turn, helps them by supporting an easier, more comfortable relationship with their environment and its stressors, both physical and emotional.  

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As a trauma informed coach I bring to the coaching relationship a nonjudgmental space. I coach individuals as they facilitate interconnection, awareness  of the self and the wider world, and aid in  brainstorming for internal and external resources. Working with a trauma informed coach  allows you as the client to be truly transparent, while knowing that the coach is able to present tools that enable navigation to optimal outcome while remaining aware of the hurdles that past traumas present. The goals will be client specific in order to bring about authentic outcomes and positive present and future change.

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