Hi, I'm Sarah!

I have been teaching movement for over 20 years.  I am a classically trained pilates instructor, however have extensive experience in more contemporary settings.  I specialize in women's pelvic wellness, pre and post natal pilates, and scoliosis.  I have a studio, Physical Culture, with my partner, Davidson Reid in Atlanta, Ga.  I see clients in person, virtually, and sometimes a combination of both.

I earned my Bachelor's degree in dance from the University of North Carolina Greensboro, with a minor in English and Psychology.  I am certified through the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) and received my assessment based 600 hour certificate through Power Pilates in 2004.  Additionally I am a Pre+Post Natal Pilates Specialist and have concentrated my continuing education efforts in anatomy, bio-mechanics, and scoliosis.  I have studied neurolinguistic programming and am keenly interested the integration of neurological understanding with my clients; helping them to see how neurology and neurological maps relate to our physical and emotional experience and goals.   

I find inspiration in the study of the human form; the anatomy of its physical structure, the awareness of the mind, and the ability to simultaneously affect them both. I believe in the importance of mobility; the strength of stability; and the power of joy. I center my work on the premise that habits are the rituals that structure our lives; and through honest reflection and repeated practice, truly anything can be achieved.


Working with Me

My coaching work is a holistic, comprehensive approach.   I help people make lasting improvements in their lives by identifying and addressing patterns, both physical and emotional, that are not serving them.  With an awareness and understanding of neurological  patterns and programming, and more specifically, how these relate to the habits present in our daily lives, we can make lasting changes that can create a profoundly positive outcome.  

"Sarah is a true professional in her Pilates personal training. She is an expert at the exercise form and knows how to motivate, and how to get results.

Training with Sarah is a great use of time for the best result. She is very good at discussing personal goals and orienting workouts to attain those goals.

Sarah's studio is well-equipped, and is a beautiful place in which to work out.

I heartily recommend Sarah if you're serious about pursuing what I believe is a great life-long physical regimen.” 

~Jim B

"People. If you live anywhere even close to this studio, make the trip. I have been a yoga teacher since 2007, and everyone knows the animosity between yoga and Pilates, so I do not give this recommendation lightly. More importantly I also have a Doctorate in Physical Therapy currently practicing in Washington State and I assure you, it is impossible to find a teacher with the same knowledge, experience, dedication, and true compassion for you and your body. So again, make the trip no matter what the distance, you will be well rewarded."

~Dr. Michael Myers

"Sarah is an amazing instructor! If you live anywhere near this remarkable woman don't walk, run to her studio. You will be so glad you did."

~Debbie S

"To the world's greatest Pilates instructor ever! You've changed my life Sarah, and I can't thank you enough for that."

~Hayes G

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