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The Next Course is Coming in April 2021!

What is The Women's Work?

The Women's Work is a holistic and comprehensive course for women's pelvic health and wellness. 

Our Mission...

is to empower women to discover and establish agency over their physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness by providing accurate information, access to resources, and an abundantly supportive community.  



"I was in the first group of The Woman's Work Course through Nurturing the Connection starting April 24, 2020.
Before this coursework I had previously purchased a Jade Egg and begun working with it through a different program. I was familiar with the egg and how to feel and insert it in my body. Until I began listening and following Sarah's Audio Walkthrough sessions with Catherine I really had no idea all that I could be doing with my egg other than the classic hold and squeeze or hold and pulse technique. The full movement up and down my vaginal canal and the control practices using the Jade Egg that Sarah teaches are wonderful and so much more than any kegel exercise you may have done in the past. The great insight from Catherine about our basic need for competency and connection and Meshai regarding handling our negative thoughts through their Webinars and Q&As was also invaluable not just for this work but also true life lessons in general. I can not recommend this program highly enough to any woman wanting to connect more with her body, her sexuality and just her own heart and mind."

"I cannot recommend this program highly enough to any woman wanting to connect more with her body, her sexuality and just her own heart and mind. "

What makes us different?


Holistic + Comprehensive 

holistic | \ho-li-stik\  characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

comprehensive | \kam-pri-'hen(t)-siv\  covering or involving much; inclusive.

  • Exploration and unique three dimensional observation of your anatomical structure.  
  • Practical support for schedule integration
  • Guidance around the physical presence of emotion within your body
  • Support with possible negative thought patterns and core beliefs integrated into your relationship with sexual health and pleasure
  • Accurate physical assessment information and support to give you agency around your pelvic wellness
  • Access to professional resources and current, accurate information 

TWO scholarship built into each course.  This is our commitment to making this information and work more available to more women.


JOIN WITH YOUR TRIBE and SAVE!  We have learned that women are more successful when they have the support of their sisterhood, so we are thrilled to roll out our JOIN WITH YOUR TRIBE option.  


Everything is Included.  FOREVER.

  • GIA certified Jade Egg, floss, & threader

  • Online Course Access

    • Jade Egg Basics ~ maintenance and beyond
    • How to use your egg successfully with eight instructional audio files to talk you through every step of the way.
  • Virtual Group Access ~ you will be connected to our private Facebook group of women embarking on this journey together, as well as those who have completed the course
  • One private virtual check in with Sarah OR Join with Your Tribe and check in with Sarah weekly via Marco Polo
  • LIVE Anatomy Q&A with Sarah
  • Webinar and LIVE Q&A with Catherine focused on relationship enhancement as you deepen your connection to yourself
  • Webinar and LIVE Q&A with Meshai: Understanding Your Thought Patterns Around Sexual Health and Pleasure
  • TWO scholarship spots available in each course.  
    • This is our commitment to bringing this information and this work to more women, more often.
    • Give your jade egg practice a jump start or deepen your practice by joining another group any time.  Access is FOREVER!

**All Live Webinars will be available to view later

Meet the team...

Catherine Scantlin

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Meshai Olivares

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Sarah Cook

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"While I’m only about half way through the lessons, I’ve already experienced several benefits from the course. I had always heard that Kegel exercises would help with everything from incontinence to stronger orgasms, but I never really understood how to do them. Sure, I’ve heard that it’s like bearing down, but that is a bit vague.
After the first lesson I had a far better knowledge of my pelvic floor anatomy and a much more detailed understanding of the intricacies of the correct movement. I realized that what I thought was a Kegel exercise was really just me contracting my abs and glutes while barely engaging my pelvic floor or vagina at all. 
After listening to the first few audio sessions I now have a much more detailed understanding of how to actually engage these muscles.
I’m happy to report that the benefits of “doing my Kegels” turned out to be true. I mean, I haven’t been on a trampoline yet, but the other advantages are more than worth it!"

~ Heather